How Do You Make Windows Safe From Burglars? We'll Tell You!

September 29, 2023

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Making your windows safe from burglars is an important part of keeping your home secure.

So, how do you make windows safe from burglars? You can secure windows against burglars by installing reinforced laminated glass, exterior bars/grates, bright motion sensor lights, and security cameras, keeping curtains/shades closed, and using fake security deterrents.

Windows are often seen as the weakest point of entry for intruders trying to break into a house. Fortunately, there are several effective and affordable ways to fortify your windows against break-ins.

Secure the Locks

The first step is making sure your window locks and latches are strong and properly installed. Check that window locks cannot be easily wiggled loose or bypassed with a shim. For added security, consider upgrading your existing window locks to heavy-duty dual-cylinder locks. These require a key both inside and outside, preventing an intruder from unlocking the window even if they break the glass.

How do you make windows safe from burglars

Install Entry-Resistant Glass

Ordinary window glass breaks quite easily, allowing a burglar to reach in and unlock the window. Upgrading to reinforced laminated glass window installation can make breaking and entering much harder. Laminated glass is held together by a tough plastic interlayer that prevents the glass from shattering into pieces. Not even a brick or baseball bat easily breaks through it! 

How Do You Make Windows Safe From Burglars? Utilize Window Bars and Grates

Exterior iron or steel bars and grates over windows offer an obvious visual deterrent, signifying the home is well-defended. While bars can potentially block firefighter access and emergency escapes, simple quick-release designs are available. Grates can be retracted during the day for light and fresh air. For windows that open, make sure bars or grates are installed so the window cannot be forced open wide enough for entry.

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Get a Barking Burglar Alarm

Dogs provide both detection and deterrence. The loud bark of a family dog alerts homeowners to something amiss. It makes many burglars think twice before attempting to break in. Even small dogs can provide warning. Of course, be sure the dog's bark is worse than their bite, or you may have some legal issues with your burglar deterrent! I would suggest adopting a rescue dog - they are often the most grateful and protective.

How do you make windows safe from burglars

Motion-Activated Exterior Lights

Illuminating the exterior of your home at night with bright motion-activated lighting removes the cover of darkness burglar's exploit. Stick-up security or spotlights aimed at windows linked to motion sensors make prowlers readily visible and are a simple, cost-effective deterrent. Just make sure the light sensors aren't tripped by branches or small wildlife, or the lights will be turning on and off all night!

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Install Visible Indoor Security Cameras

Visible security cameras inside aimed at windows clearly signal your home is protected. Keep them in plain sight, with no obstructions in the cameras line of view to windows and entryways. Fake dummy cameras can also act as a deterrent. For full coverage, have cameras recording both indoors and outside your home. Signage and stickers advertising security cameras and video surveillance will make burglars think twice before attempting to enter.

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Block Visibility with Smart Window Coverings

Window shades, curtains, shutters, or smart switchable privacy window film can restrict outsiders' views into your home. Keep valuables out of sight from prying eyes outside. Smart home technology allows window privacy coverings to be controlled remotely and set to open and close on schedules. Keep windows covered while away or overnight for added security.

Try Some Dummy Deterrents

For a fun psychological deterrent, place fake security cameras, alarm signage, or window stickers around your home, even if you don't have a real system installed. Burglars may think twice before targeting your seemingly well-protected windows. 

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Remain Vigilant!

Taking sensible precautions can make unlawful entry much more difficult, but burglars can still find vulnerabilities. Stay alert to any signs of attempted break-ins and odd activity around your home. Ensure trees and bushes around windows are well-trimmed to reduce hiding spots. Always keep doors and windows locked, even when at home. Report any suspicious behavior around your home promptly to the authorities. Following these tips can help keep your windows burglar-free!

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Do burglars usually break windows?

Windows are a common entry point for burglars as they provide easy access into a home. Glass windows can easily be shattered or pried open, allowing a burglar to reach in and unlock the window. Reinforced glass, security grates, bars, and window alarms can help deter burglars and make windows much harder to break into.

How do I make sure my windows are secure?

Inspect all windows to check that locks and latches are strong and properly installed to prevent forcing them open. Consider upgrading to reinforced laminated glass, which is much harder to break, or install exterior bars, grates, or motion sensor lights around the windows as deterrents. Keep curtains or blinds closed at night and use fake security cameras or alarm signage to make the windows appear more secure.

How do you secure windows without burglar bars?

Upgrading to heavy-duty dual-cylinder locks that require a key inside and out is a good way to secure windows without bars. Also, installing laminated glass windows that are high-impact and shatter-resistant makes breaking in much harder. Another option is using window security films or smart switchable privacy glasses to prevent visibility into the home from the outside. Finally, motion-activated security spotlights positioned to shine on all sides of the home's windows at night can act as an effective deterrent without bars.

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