How Messy is Window Replacement for Your Home?

July 27, 2023

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how messy is window replacement

If you’re considering replacing the windows in your home, you’ve probably wondered how messy is window replacement. 

As someone who just went through a window replacement project, let me tell you – it can get pretty messy! You have to consider the hammering, nailing, and sawing that goes into window replacement, all of which can leave your home pretty dusty.

But with some preparation and patience, you can minimize the mess and disruption. Here’s what to expect if you decide to tackle window replacement.

First, Know What to Expect

When old windows come out and new ones go in, it inevitably creates dust, dirt, and debris. When the installers remove your old windows, bits of old caulk, paint chips, and insulation will fall. Even if you clean up right behind them, some mess will still spread through the house. The same goes for when they put the new windows in – you’ll be left with scraps of packaging, caulk smears, and dust on the floor.

The amount of mess will depend on how careful your installation crew is and how thoroughly they clean up. But some level of mess is unavoidable. Going into the project knowing that can prevent later frustration when your house inevitably gets dirty.

How Messy is Window Replacement? You Better Plan on Protecting Your Belongings

To limit the spread of mess, take some time to safeguard your belongings before the installation. Remove valuables and fragile items from the rooms getting new windows. Cover any furniture or electronics that you can’t move with plastic drop cloths or sheets. Seal off doorways with plastic sheeting to contain the mess.

You’ll also want to protect your outdoor space. Installers will need room to work and discard window parts and packaging materials. Clear your driveway, yard, or sidewalk below the installation area so debris doesn’t damage your landscaping or patio. No one wants a broken flowerpot courtesy of an errant window pane!

replacement windows for the home

Embrace the Chaos During Installation

Once the window replacement begins, you’ll need to resign yourself to some unavoidable mess. The installation process itself can take a few days to a week, depending on the size of your home. During that time, your house will be a disaster zone.

Window installers need wide open spaces to work efficiently and haul materials in and out. They’ll be tracking dust in and out constantly. Parts and tools will sit around until needed. At certain points, whole walls or exterior sidings might be opened up. This exposes your home’s guts – which are not always pretty!

While this controlled chaos is happening, do your best to stay out of the way. Follow your installer’s cues on when and where to avoid. If you have kids or pets, try to keep them occupied elsewhere as much as possible. Attempting to keep things neat and orderly mid-project will only slow the process down.

Prepare for the Dust Aftermath

Once the bulk of the installation is complete, you’ll be left with a pretty big mess. Plan to do heavy-duty cleaning about a day after the installers leave. Vacuum and mop floors, dust all surfaces, and wipe down walls and furniture. Pay special attention to fans, vents, light fixtures, and radiators where dust can collect.

Depending on how dust-filled your home is post-installation, you may want to wear a mask while cleaning. Make sure to wash any linens, curtains, and window treatments afterward, too. Dust has a way of settling into fabric and sticking around.

If you have forced air heating/cooling vents, be prepared to change filters frequently in the weeks after an installation. Tons of debris get kicked up into the duct system. You’ll prevent issues like restricted airflow if you stay on top of replacing dirty filters.

*Also, know that the installers will do the best they can to make sure the mess is limited to one room and will cleanup their tools and sweep when done typically.

Expect Some Interior Damage Too

A window installation team needs to access window openings and maneuver large pieces of glass into place. As they work, a certain amount of incidental damage can happen. They may ding up your walls or woodwork with ladders, tools, and window frames. Old caulk or paint may get scraped off surrounding surfaces. Wallpaper seams can separate or tear.

These issues should be fairly minimal – a few touch-ups needed at most. But inspect the work zone thoroughly once the dust has settled. If you notice excessive damage beyond normal wear and tear, discuss this politely with your window company. Most reputable companies will repair major damage caused by their work.

how messy is window replacement

The Cost of Replacing Your Home’s Windows

Replacing all of the windows in your home is a significant investment that can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, depending on the size of your house, window types, brand, and installation. Here are some factors that impact the overall cost of a window replacement project:

The number of windows you need replaced is one of the biggest cost drivers. The more windows your house has, the higher your total expense will be. The size of your windows also matters – larger windows that require more materials and effort to install will add more to the bottom line. Specialty window styles like bay or curved windows tend to be more expensive as well.

Window materials make a difference too. Basic vinyl frames are the most affordable option. Wood or fiberglass windows add more to the project cost. Insulated glass, impact-resistant glass, gas fills, and other upgrades will increase the price per window. Going with a high-end window brand rather than a basic manufacturer will add cost.

Installation fees factor into the total expense. Simple, straightforward window installations will be cheaper than ones requiring more time, effort, or custom work. Complex projects like historical renovations or full home replacements will be at the higher end of the price scale.

Finally, your location impacts local labor and material costs. Window replacements in high-cost urban areas will be more expensive than in rural or suburban communities with lower rates. Make sure to get quotes from several reputable, local window contractors.

Appreciate Your Fresh New Views

Once you make it through the messy installation process, stand back and enjoy your home’s updated look! Your new windows will let sunlight stream in and give your rooms a fresh, open feel. Not to mention improved insulation, soundproofing, and curb appeal. Whenever you’re sweeping up installation dust or touching up paint, remind yourself these annoyances are short-term. Your new windows will bring comfort and beauty to your home for years to come.

interior window replacement

The Takeaway

Replacing the windows in your house involves a certain unavoidable level of disruption and mess. But you can control the impact by preparing well, making peace with the chaos during, and thoroughly cleaning up after. Approach the project knowing what to expect, and the mess will seem much more manageable. Focus on the benefits new windows will bring to your home, and you’ll breeze right through the messy installation process. Your home will be brighter, more comfortable, and more beautiful when it’s all done!

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How do I prepare my house for replacement windows?

First, remove any window treatments, valuables, and fragile items from around the windows being replaced. Next, cover nearby furniture, floors, and electronics with drop cloths to protect them from dust and debris. Seal off doorways with plastic sheeting and tape to contain the mess in the work areas. Finally, clear outdoor spaces beneath the replacement windows so the installers have room to work and discard materials without damaging landscaping.

How long does it take to install new windows?

The time it takes to install new windows can range from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on the size of the project. For a single window replacement, the installation may only take a day or two. For a whole home window replacement with around 20 standard-sized windows, the installation is likely to take 4-5 days with a crew of 2-3 installers. Larger custom-built homes can take up to 2 weeks for window installations since there are more windows to replace and often more custom work involved. The number of windows, window types, and complexity of the project will all impact the total installation time.

Do you have to remove blinds when replacing windows?

Yes, you typically need to remove window blinds and other window treatments when replacing windows. The old windows will likely have to be completely removed, including the sashes, frames, and surrounding trim. This requires clear access to the full window opening, which is not possible with blinds installed. Any blinds left in place would likely get damaged as the windows are removed. Once the new replacement windows are completely installed, you can reinstall or replace window blinds and treatments.

Do replacement windows increase home value?

Yes, installing replacement windows can increase your home’s value, especially if the new windows are energy-efficient models that upgrade old, drafty windows. Newer vinyl or composite windows can recoup over 70% of their installation cost in added resale value, while wood or fiberglass replacement windows can recoup over 80% of their cost.

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