Pro Tips: How Often to Replace Your Windows in Plano, TX

May 2, 2022

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Windows typically last on a home about 15-20 years. So, if you have had your home for nearly that long, it may be time to reconsider replacing them. But sometimes, you may have to replace your windows before the lifetime warranty. It could be due to wear and tear. But sometimes, how often you replace your windows in Plano may be due to reasons other than damages. Here are some other reasons you may want replacement windows in Plano TX prematurely.

Your Windows Keep Sticking

One of the main reasons you may have to replace your windows more often than required is that you have trouble opening and closing them. Perhaps every time you open your windows, they seem to stick. But before you replace your windows in a situation like this one, consider two things first. One, have you recently painted your home windows? There is a strong possibility that you have trouble opening and closing them because the paint may have caused this problem. Maybe you've painted the windows shut and didn't realize it. You can use a putty knife to loosen the painted windows. But it may be better to hire professionals to repaint the windows. 

Another possibility is that the windows sticking don't have anything to do with the windows. Sometimes trouble with the foundation shifting and shows up with windows that are difficult to open. So before you consider replacing all of your windows, try to call a foundation expert first to see if this is the problem. If these methods don't fix the problem, it may be time to replace your windows. 

A Storm Recently Blew Through and Damaged Them

Plano is in the heart of Tornado Alley. So this town and surrounding cities could be subject to tornados at any given time. If you're lucky, the storm may blow through without harming your home. However, some homeowners may experience major or minor damages, including a few window blowouts or cracks from the storm. So if you have recently been in a storm, you may have to consider replacing your windows even if they aren't old. 

You Are About to Move or Refinance Your Home

There may be windows in your home that have been there for less than 15 years. But if you want to sell your home, windows could be one of the ways to improve its value. According to Homelight, those who upgrade their windows could see a return of 81 percent. This is especially important if you replace your current windows with energy-efficient ones. In addition, windows such as energy star windows could encourage buyers to spend more on your home. It could also improve your home's appraisal value if you want to refinance. 

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Recent Renovations to Your Exterior Don't Blend Well With the Windows

Suppose you have recently made changes to your home's exterior. Perhaps you've changed its color with paint or added siding. When you look at your home, everything about it is perfect. But your old windows seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Although they still have a few years of use and are in good condition, you may decide to replace your windows because they distract from your curb appeal. On the other hand, if you don't need to replace all your windows, you may decide that your double-hung windows in the living room look outdated. Instead, you prefer to have picture windows or bay windows in that area of your house.

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Noisy Neighbors Recently Moved in or Construction Is Taking Place

While you still may have quite a few years left on your current home windows, you may decide to replace them because noise levels in the neighborhood may encourage you to. Your new neighbors may be the partying type who spend weekends throwing parties in their backyard late into the evening. Or builders have purchased a massive plot of land nearby and want to convert it into new homes or mixed-use property. Either way, the noise levels may be pretty annoying, and your current windows aren't doing an excellent job keeping the sound at bay. Getting some new windows that block out the sound could make you decide to replace your windows sooner than expected.

You Notice Visible Signs of Moisture

While your windows may not be due for replacement for another five or ten years, you may discover that there is moisture trapped between the window panes. Seeing condensation between window panes is not a good sign. According to InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), moisture trapped in panes can cause riverbedding. If this continues, it can cause irreversible damage to your windows. Therefore, when you see this occurring with your windows, it's time to consider replacement, even if you still have time left on your window warranty. 

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In some instances where your windows experience damages that you haven't caused, your warranty may cover the cost of replacement. Additionally, your home insurance may even cover damages from storms. Whether you need help with replacing windows under warranty or installing new windows, Plano Home Window Replacement can help! Call (469) 551-4499 today to learn more about the windows and brands we install.

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