Skillful Considerations: Should You Repair or Replace Windows?

February 15, 2022

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When you find that your window has some defects, you may be unsure whether to fix it or replace it entirely. In most circumstances, repairing a broken window may seem like the correct thing to do. But when you consider the broader picture, a replacement may be the better long-term option. In general, there are a few signs that you need home window replacement or repair. 

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When you see any of the following, you should get professional help.  

Broken Windows

Consider fixing broken glass or frames in windows as soon as possible. They can be dangerous, and you will agree that damaged windows do not look good on the house.

Mold Formation Or Decay

Water leaking into the house is a prominent indicator of a faulty window. Water, in turn, can cause mold and decay in wooden frames. It can lead to damage and the need for a window replacement if left untreated.

Foggy Windows

Condensation forms when wet inside air collides with the cold glass pane, causing windows to fog up. Mold or rotting window frames can occur due to high humidity levels, weakening the insulating properties of the windows.

Spike In Energy Bills

It's a good idea to check your windows now and then to make sure they're working properly. Windows can lose efficiency over time, causing your heating expenses to rise progressively.

Your Home Is Being Infiltrated By Water.

One of the importance of windows is to protect the house's interior from external factors such as dust on a windy day or water when it rains. When water is entering your home, it's clear that it's time to contact a professional to check at your windows. Water can cause mold and decay, spread to adjoining walls and cause property damage.

Poor Soundproofing

Windows in good condition will help keep outside noise out of the house. Replacement of single glass with double or triple glazing adds a layer of noise insulation.

Stuck Sashes

Stuck upper or lower sashes are a common problem with older windows. It may be due to numerous layers of paint spanning the sash and frame and holding them together. It's also possible that the sash got tangled up. Broken cords could also cause it.

It Isn't Easy To Open And Close.

It's easier for cold external air to get in and heat to leave if you have trouble opening and closing your windows. It would be beneficial if you could solve it right away because it may soon lead to an increase in your energy expenditures.

The Drip Cap Is Missing Or Decaying.

The drip cap is the top of the window's external shield. A window replacement is usually not required if the drip cap is missing or rotten. It's simple to fix by replacing the drip caps.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Windows?

The type of problem you're encountering with your windows will eventually determine whether you need them repaired or replaced. A repair will solve the problem in certain circumstances, but window replacement is usually the best long-term solution. Windows typically last 15 to 20 years, so if you're nearing the end of that time frame, it's time to think about replacing them. Otherwise, you might continue to have issues.

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Repairing rather than replacing windows is normally the more cost-effective alternative, and it's often the best option for older homes. Replacing a traditional property's original windows with modern frames may result in a loss of character, which might be essential to many homeowners. However, there are now so many window styles to choose from that you may be able to find one that complements the traditional look and feel of your home.

Can Windows Be Repaired Instead?

In the long run, repairing a window that needs replacing will cause problems. Yes, it's a tough decision sometimes, especially if you do not know if your window needs a simple repair or should be replaced. Also, on the issue of cost, you may be tempted to go for window repair than replacing it since new windows can cost anywhere from $200 to $1200 or more according to Forbes Advisor. As a result, replacing all of the windows in your home can cost several thousand dollars, which you may not be ready to pay. However, before deciding to repair your window, you should inspect it thoroughly or consult a professional to ensure that it isn't a severe issue that could later cause structural damage to your property.

So, when is it time to repair or replace your windows?

It would be best to replace your windows when you have foggy windows with inside condensation. Major water leakage and structural problems are also major indications. Repair broken or cracked glass, inadequate outside window casing, missing or damaged exterior drip cap, and small water leaks.

It's also worth noting that you cannot repair most modern windows. Single-pane windows were easy to repair in the past. Double or triple-pane sealed windows, on the other hand, are more difficult to repair. In certain circumstances, repairing the damage isn't even an option.

Is It Worth It To Replace Windows?

Replacing the windows around your home comes with several benefits over having them repaired.

Reduced Maintenance

New windows don't require a lot of maintenance, while an issue with your old windows could arise again and again.

Sound Reduction

Modern windows perform a far better job of blocking out noise from the street and other sources. Another advantage of double (or triple) glazed windows over single glazed windows are that they are more energy-efficient.

Increased Home Value

Window replacement projects can pay off handsomely. When you renovate your home, its value rises. If a home's windows need to be replaced or are on the verge of needing replacement, some potential buyers may be turned off. When you sell a property with new windows, you earn a better return on your investment.

Efficiency In Terms Of Heat

Single-glazed windows aren't the most energy-efficient. Having a second or third pane of glass, such as double or triple glazing, will help keep the heat in your home and, as a result, lower your energy expenses.


New windows come with a manufacturer's warranty that ensures you'll be covered in the case of a problem.

Be sure to reach out to our home window installers at Plano Home Window Replacement to schedule your free quote.

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