How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Brick House

August 28, 2023

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what color windows for red brick house

Choosing the right window color for your red brick house can seem daunting. With so many options, how do you pick something that will look great and enhance your home's style?

So, what color windows for red brick house? Complementary colors like green, blue, or black provide striking contrast, while warm neutrals like tan, gray, and brown subtly blend with red brick.

Fortunately, we're here to walk you through the process and recommend some foolproof color pairings. Read on for our top tips on selecting window colors for red brick exteriors.

Consider Contrast and Complementary Colors

What is the best Color of windows on a red brick house? One of the keys to choosing a good window color is creating enough contrast between the brick and windows. Going too dark or too light can make the windows seem to disappear against the brick. A properly contrasting color will make both the windows and brick "pop."

Complementary colors (those opposite each other on the color wheel) are a great way to achieve contrast. For red brick, good complementary options include greens and blues. A forest green or navy blue will contrast nicely and accent the red tones. Just don't go too bold with super-saturated shades. Think more muted, earthy hues.

blue window panes on red brick

Warm Neutrals Pair Well with Brick

While high-contrast complementary colors offer one route, warm-toned neutrals can also pair beautifully with red brick. What color looks good with red brick? Think beige, tan, warm grays, and brown. These will enable your gorgeous brick to take center stage while the windows frame and accentuate the home's architecture.

Neutral window frames also provide flexibility if you ever want to change the exterior paint color - you won't have to worry about clashing colors down the road.

Do grey windows go with red brick?

Yes, the right color gray is a winning combination with red brick. However, it's important to get the right shade, as light gray can be washed out and dark gray may come across as too harsh. Opt for a medium gray - Think a dove grey, greige, or charcoal grey. These grays have some depth that stands out against the brick but not too starkly.

what color windows for red brick house

White is a Classic Choice

You really can't go wrong with classic white window frames on a red brick home. The clean white trim will let the rich brick shine while adding a touch of traditional charm.

White windows and red brick exude timeless elegance. For a modern twist, go for white windows with black trim and accents for some striking contrast. 

what color windows for red brick house

Black is Bold and Modern

For a sleek, contemporary look, black window frames on red brick can't be beat. The dramatic combo is eye-catching and chic.

Black frames will really make your brick pop and give any home an instant style update. Just be aware the look is dramatic and bold - so make sure you're fully committed before taking the black window plunge!

Do grey windows go with red brick? They do, especially if black is a bit too dark for your liking.

single double hung black window on red brick home

Know Your Architectural Style

When pondering window color for your red brick abode, be sure to consider the overall architectural style. Some colors naturally lend themselves to certain aesthetics.

For instance, darker green shades complement Tudor, Craftsman, and other traditional designs that feature detailed woodwork. 

The earthy greens enhance the ornate style without overpowering it. Black window frames provide a sleek, modern look that pairs well with contemporary architecture featuring clean lines. Soft, neutral taupes or beiges enhance the charm of Cape Cod, cottage, farmhouse, and other casual styles. The muted tones align with the laidback vibe.

If your home is more Victorian, with intricate wood scrolling and accents, a true white window provides an appealing contrast to the darker trims. For Arts and Crafts-inspired homes, terracotta or reddish-brown frames complement the natural wood tones.

No matter your existing architecture, choose a window color that aligns with and enhances your home's style for a cohesive, polished look. The windows should work seamlessly with the overall design. Keeping architectural aesthetics in mind will help you select window colors that integrate beautifully.

replacement windows on brick house

Visualize the Entire Exterior

Before finalizing your window color, picture it in your mind alongside the rest of your home's exterior elements. Consider the color scheme of your roof, shutters, doors, and trim details.

The window color should integrate well with these other pieces to create a unified, harmonious facade. For example, avoid selecting a greenish window color if your shutters and door are reddish brown.

Thinking of the entire exterior palette will help your windows coordinate instead of clash.

complete window installation on brick home

See Window Samples on Site

When possible, get window color samples on-site. Seeing swatches right on your home, next to the existing brick and paint colors, takes the guesswork out of choosing.

Most window retailers can provide samples of their various colors and finishes. Place these directly on the window or next to the brick so you can see how the tones interact in real life. Natural lighting conditions also factor in, so seeing potential colors on your actual house is ideal.

View samples at different times of day as the light changes. Colors can look very different in morning sun versus afternoon shade. Place a few leading contenders side by side for comparison. Snap photos to see how the window color options coordinate with the rest of the exterior.

Don't just rely on brochures or website images. There's no substitute for seeing window color swatches on your home before finalizing such an impactful decision. Taking the time to properly evaluate choices on-site will ensure you pick the best shade for your red brick house.

window styles

Don't Overlook Energy Efficiency

Last but certainly not least, don't let aesthetics overshadow energy efficiency when selecting windows. High-performance window materials like double/triple glazing, low-E coatings, argon gas, and insulated vinyl/fiberglass frames make a big difference in energy savings.

Prioritize efficiency first, then choose your ideal color. You want windows that look great AND save energy. With the right style and color choice, you can have both curb appeal and energy savings!

what color windows for red brick house


The Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect window colors for your red brick house involves considering style, architecture, contrast, and the home's overall exterior scheme. Complementary shades like green, blue, and black provide striking contrast, while warm neutrals blend more seamlessly.

No matter what color you choose, select high-efficiency window materials and see samples on-site first. Follow these tips to pick the ideal window colors that complement your red brick home beautifully.

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