What's the Cost of Door Installation in Plano, Texas?

September 20, 2021

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Of all the things you need to replace in your home, the last thing that comes to mind is a door. After all, most doors are designed to last the lifetime of the house. Even if you purchase a home from someone, you rarely think about replacing the entire door. However, you may replace the locks as a precaution. Even though doors are not high on the priority list of replacement items in your home, there are times when getting a new door is critical. In such cases, it is good to know how much door installation in Plano, Texas costs

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Signs You May Need a New Door 

Before delving into the costs, let’s take a moment to discuss the reasons why you may need a new door. One of the most important reasons you need a new entry door is that it has trouble opening or closing. Security is the priority, and you shouldn’t put your family’s safety at risk by keeping a faulty door. You may have trouble opening and closing your door because it swells due to humidity, mainly when it is hot outside in Plano. A swollen door typically is a temporary problem and may stop once the hot heat of summer subsides. However, if this problem persists past summer, it can be alleviated by having the door sanded. But if sanding doesn’t help, This may be a sign that the door needs replacement. 

Another significant reason you will need to replace your door is energy efficiency. Doors are a major source of energy loss in your home, especially in the wintertime. Nearly 3 percent of your home’s energy is lost out of doors that aren’t energy efficient. This number increases drastically if the front door has cracks. Weatherstripping the door may help, but if the door is not energy efficient, you may still be experiencing significant energy loss year after year. This will be reflected in the high costs of energy bills in the winter and summer.

Entry doors aren’t the only doors in your home that need replacing. You may also need to replace patio doors or sliding glass doors. If your patio doors or sliding glass doors aren’t energy efficient, this can also be a significant source of energy loss in your home. It will be harder to keep your home warm in winter because 10 percent of your home’s energy is being lost through the glass. If you have aluminum door frames, energy may be seeping out through the frame, too.

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In summer, glass doors that aren’t energy-efficient can also waste energy because the UV rays shining into the home make it hotter than necessary. However, energy-efficient windows typically have a gas such as argon that stabilizes heat or cold transfer. Thus, installing energy-efficient glass doors should help reduce your home’s energy bills. 

Door Installation Costs in Plano Texas 

Once you realize that you need a new door, it’s time to get one. The national average to replace a door is $1,016. However, the average cost range to replace a door in Plano will run between $362 to $1,034. This range can increase based on the type of door you have installed. For instance, your choice of material such as wood, steel, fiberglass can impact the cost. Also, the type of exterior doors such as French, patio, or single entry can affect the installation costs. Costs of doors, hinges, and knobs can also increase costs. Considering labor costs, too, your end range may increase to $5,000 or more depending on all the things that you prefer for your exterior door. 

Installing other types of doors may also affect the price. For instance, you may need interior doors replaced or installed to close off an existing space. Average cost ranges for interior doors may be between $375 to $1,125. However, if you need to replace an existing storm door or would like to have one installed for the first time along with your entry door, the storm door could run between $150 to $550. According to the Department of Energy, exterior doors that get regular sunlight daily don’t need a storm door. But if you prefer to have one, it’s a good idea to get a Low-E glass door to reduce the heat that will get trapped between the exterior door and the glass storm door. 

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When getting a new door, it is essential to know your options and get one that works perfectly for your space. Zintex Remodeling Group specializes in installing and replacing doors in Plano and surrounding communities. Our expert consulting team will help you choose the best option for your home that is both secure and energy-efficient. We offer doors from the best brands on the market, and we will discuss the benefits of each. Our knowledgeable consultants will also discuss financing options. Contact us today for a FREE inspection and FREE quote on door installation costs in Plano, Texas.

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